Our sustainability approach through Open Innovation: Carbon Capture Utilization Storage, Hydrogen, Industrial heat, and Circular Economy.
Find the 25 most promising Cleantech solutions of 2023 that are redefining the Contech ecosystem.

What is its application to construction?

As the construction industry aggressively works to cut carbon emissions and reduce its negative impact on the environment, many startups and top construction companies are looking actively to develop and implement innovations in cleantech.

Why is cleantech important to CEMEX Ventures?

CEMEX Ventures is dedicated to leading the construction industry revolution as it becomes greener and cleaner. CEMEX Ventures’ team of investment specialists scope out the most disruptive clean technologies that reduce CO2 emissions and that promote a circular economy with alternative energy sources and new business models.

What is cleantech?

Cleantech is the abbreviation of clean technology, which refers to any technology that simultaneously reduces or optimizes the use of natural resources while lessening or avoiding altogether the environmental damage of a process, product, or service. Renewable energy (wind, hydroelectric, solar, etc.), carbon capture, utilization, and storage, recycling, and alternative fuels are just few examples of popular clean technologies.

How are we helping CEMEX?

CEMEX’s mission is to build a better future. To do that, however, we must address humanity’s most pressing issue: climate change. That’s why CEMEX’s sustainability program, Future in Action, counts on strategic by 2050. CEMEX Ventures attempts to connect disruptive sustainable technologies to CEMEX’s core business through its CVC investment portfolio and exclusive startup accelerator, CEMEX Ventures Leaplab, which focuses on high-potential early-stage startups. To learn more about the clean technologies CEMEX Ventures is investing in and promoting within the industry, keep reading.

Clean technologies in construction

Our 2023 perspective and strategy between these five focuses.

Clean technologies at CEMEX

Every year, CEMEX hosts its corporate event, CEMEX Day, in which members of senior management present information regarding the company’s business performance, digital, financial, growth, and sustainability strategies, and other related topics that may contain important information to different stakeholders within the construction industry.

During the last edition of CEMEX Day (2022), Gonzalo Galindo, Head of CEMEX Ventures, and Davide Zampini, Vice President of Global R&D at CEMEX, presented a crucial climate action panel on CEMEX’s plan for innovation and partnerships, one of the six pillars of its Future in Action program to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050.

The plan consists of a sustainability strategy that leverages both internal and open innovation, in which research and investments will follow CEMEX Ventures’ four strategic priorities–Green Construction, Enhanced Productivity, Construction Supply Chain, and Future of Construction.

Sustainability Through Open Innovation

We are living in a decisive decade, in which the race to achieve critical climate action goals by 2030 is unfamiliar and arduous, and where we are faced with never-before-seen challenges that will require new solutions to be overcome. CEMEX’s objectives are clear, which is why its Future in Action program has set out an aggressive decarbonization roadmap with ambitions 2030 targets to achieve them.

Accordingly, CEMEX has pledged to maximize the contribution from its current decarbonization levers and to invest in R&D for breakthrough technologies. We acknowledge that we are only 7 years away from our 2030 goals, which is why we have our sights set on empowering startups and entrepreneurs in the construction technology space and increasing our investment portfolio with trailblazing solutions to be applied to CEMEX’s operations around the world.

Since its inauguration in 2017, CEMEX Ventures has experienced astounding success in innovation. Its current portfolio, with an estimated value of $50M, comprises 23 startups, including various Contech unicorns.

After the 2030 benchmark, CEMEX will launch a full-scale deployment of breakthrough technologies, which means the time to find new solutions that manage CEMEX’s sustainability, growth, and financial strategies is now. There’s no time to wait.